Upcoming News and Events: 
NOW Accepting Applications For 2018-2019!
 Applications for our Elementary Program (4 spots left) for the 2018-2019 enrollment year are now being accepted!  Applications to join our primary as well as our  infant and toddler waitlist are also being accepted.   



Child’s View Montessori School has been serving families in Southwest Portland for 30 years! We are currently offering Montessori education for children ages 3 months through 12 years. 

Our Mission:
Following the vision of Dr. Maria Montessori, we aim to foster a supportive and collaborative environment. This encourages the growth of each child, family and staff member, creating a more peaceful and inclusive world.

Our Goals:

  • Observe each child
  • Assist each child in his/her self-construction
  • Encourage critical thinking
  • Allow for spontaneous learning
  • Guide growing inner discipline
  • Strengthen executive functioning skills
  • Foster independence, and further, interdependence
  • Maintain each child’s natural love of learning
  • Model respect for self, others and the environment
  • Discover and appreciate the similarities and differences among our world’s people and cultures
  • Understand the interconnectedness of all life
  • Support the unique developmental journey of each child and their family
  • Nurture extended community
  • Educate for peace and non-violence

Extra Curricular Activities:
CVMS is proud to host several extra curricular classes on-site! This allows busy families the opportunity to offer their children experiences that support their growing interests, without the hassle of driving to and from various locations. Currently we offer classes from the following partners. Check out their websites for more information: 
Yoga Sprouts
Tumble Bus
GPS Soccer

What makes us special...
Our properties are home to very large play yards and stunning gardens. Additionally, the main site is uniquely positioned next to 36-acres of native forest, that includes over 2 miles of hiking trails, beautiful Woods Creek and tributary and a giant wildflower meadow!